The members of the Animal Care and Training team are truly passionate about the work they do and are dedicated to every animal under their care. Our unparalleled team of animal care experts has extensive experience training unique behaviors in a multitude of complex environments while providing animals with the highest quality of care. As we strive to continually improve and advance our approaches and techniques, we are in turn advancing and informing the methods utilized in the conservation of wild populations.

A Truly World Class Team

Our world class Animal Care and Training team members come from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common. We share a passion for the animals we are fortunate enough to work with every day. Continually engaging the animals in a positive way is second nature to the NMMF’s animal care experts. We are proud to dedicate ourselves to work that is exciting, challenging, and extremely rewarding.

Ocean Partners

By building positive relationships based on trust and understanding, we partner with the marine mammals we work with in an open ocean environment. These strong relationships, developed over the course of years, have allowed for unprecedented animal training to occur. Our innovative animal training techniques applied in open ocean settings have enabled groundbreaking research to better understand and protect marine mammals all over the world.

Animal Health and Wellbeing

Each day, we approach our work with great compassion for the animals, which serves as a guiding light as we protect their wellbeing and welfare.

Animal Care and Training Leadership

The NMMF’s Animal Care and Training team has vast experience training unique and complex behaviors in an open ocean environment, as well as training voluntary medical and husbandry behaviors to facilitate the exceptional care provided to the animals.

Animal Care and Training Team