Justice & Action Network for the Earth

“Our planet is in the midst of a human-induced mass extinction crisis.
One million species are at risk, and thousands have already vanished before our eyes.”

– Dr. Cynthia Smith, JANE CoFounder & Executive Director, NMMF


UN leaders are calling for a radical approach to prevent animal extinction and support human communities in biodiversity hotspots highly threatened by wildlife crime. (UN, 2019)


Wildlife crime is one of the largest threats to species survival, fueled entirely by humans. We have a moral responsibility to protect wildlife for our planet and future generations. When animals vanish, ecosystems are permanently altered and human livelihoods falter.

Photo: Tobias Corts, Terra Mater Factual Studios

Our Solution

Conservation scientists, wildlife crime investigators, and award-winning filmmakers join forces to save endangered species.

360° Hotspot Intelligence​

Undercover investigators, operating as an intelligence agency for the planet, unravel the upper levels of wildlife crime to create a solution-oriented approach to eliminate threats.

Community-Based Conservation

Conservation scientists partner with local stakeholders to design and build action plans to protect endangered species while strengthening affected communities.

Film Impact & Awareness

World-class filmmakers use the power of storytelling to expose wildlife crime and its consequences, raising global awareness and triggering political action.​

Blueprint for Change

Our revolutionary approach provides a framework to swiftly save endangered species in critically threatened ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots.

In Action

Conservation scientists, wildlife crime investigators, and award-winning filmmakers join forces to save endangered species.

The Ivory Game
Netflix's award-winning The Ivory Game sparked global awareness that resulted in the Chinese government's ban on the ivory trade, protecting endangered elephants from extinction.
Sea of Shadows
See our team in action in National Geographic's Sea of Shadows, which is applying maximum pressure to save the vaquita porpoise from extinction.
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The Time to Act is Now

Conservation scientists, wildlife crime investigators, and award-winning filmmakers join forces to save endangered species.

Intelligence professionals will build a 360° view of threats to critically endangered species and communities in a high-priority hotspot.

We protect Wildlife, Oceans, and Forests by collecting intelligence, investigating and exposing environmental crime worldwide, targeting traffickers, poaching syndicates, businessmen, and corrupt government officials. Earth League International works to merge the worlds of intelligence, investigation, and conservation in the service of wildlife, forests, oceans, and the people who protect them.

Global conservation experts and local community leaders will utilize the intelligence to launch bold conservation actions.

The NMMF is a nonprofit organization recognized globally as a leader in marine mammal science, medicine, and conservation. Our team of experts is answering critical questions about the health of the world's marine mammals and the ecosystems they rely on. The NMMF has a mission to improve and protect life for marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans through science, service, and education.

Filmmakers will create a prime time docu-series to positively influence public opinion and political action.

Malaika Pictures was founded in 2015 by director Richard Ladkani and his wife Anita Ladkani, who also helms the company as Head of Production. Malaika Pictures' mission is to shine a bright spotlight on the world's most pressing environmental and social issues of our time, and to drive change through the power of film.

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