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Date:  Tuesday, December 6th 4-5pm
NMMF Scientific Snapshot –  EVE: Enclosure Video Enrichment system
While U.S. Navy sea lions and dolphins complete complex tasks in the open ocean, which provides them with exercise and mental stimulation, we were interested in creating a new form of enrichment for the animals when they return home. Computerized tasks, such as puzzles or memory games, have been used with several zoological species, but were never adapted for marine mammals. EVE was created to allow marine mammals the opportunity to play cognitively challenging games that enrich their lives and allow researchers to learn more about their cognitive abilities.

This presentation will share how sea lions and dolphins were trained to use the system, and discuss potential future applications of the system.

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Date: TBD
NMMF Scientific Snapshot – Echolocation in Bottlenose Dolphins

NMMF’s Katie Christman, Research Associate in our Biologic & Bioacoustic Research team, will discuss the unique capability of echolocation in Bottlenose dolphins that allows them to navigate and forage accurately in low visibility waters. This presentation will focus on why dolphin echolocation is important to study and how understanding their echolocation can lead to better conservation efforts for all echolocating species that live in our oceans. Additionally, the presentation will discuss how echolocation is successfully researched when the sound that dolphins use during echolocation is well outside the range of human hearing.

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