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Student/Scout Workshops
Working with our community partners such as the Girl Scouts and the Fleet Science Center, we hold regular educational workshops featuring marine mammal science. Typically, we schedule 2-3 workshops a month, however currently, we are only conducting these workshops virtually. Please keep an eye out on our calendar and on social media for announcements about upcoming events.
School and Classroom Visits
We would love to come to your school and do a classroom presentation or an assembly for the whole school. We can modify our workshop topics for any age level.
Adult Seminars
Our outreach team offers adult seminars that provide an opportunity to get to know the NMMF and learn more about our programs and latest marine mammal science. If you have a group that is interested in an adult seminar, please contact us at outreach@nmmf.org. **Currently, we are only conducting these seminars virtually.
Community Events

We have developed an informational booth with three activities created to highlight the central themes of NMMF research. The three themes are:

  • Marine Mammal Medicine
  • Under Pressure
  • Voices Beneath the Sea

Depending on the event, available space, and number of volunteers, one or all of these activities could be used. Our aim is to get our community interested in learning all about the amazing science we do with marine mammals!

Junior Leaders

Are you in high school and are looking to volunteer some of your time? Do you love marine life or the ocean? If so, this is just the program for you. We are offering a program for students who would like to join us to help facilitate our events with younger kids. Our junior leaders will come early to events to help set up, guide activities, all while learning about the cool science we are doing. This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and also get some volunteer hours.

We also support scouts looking for an organization to partner with for projects or awards.

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