Mini Ocean Ambassadors

Mini Ocean Ambassadors

Dive into the Wonders of Marine Mammal Science with Mini Ocean Ambassadors

Welcome to the Mini Ocean Ambassadors online learning center! We’re excited to bring the wonders of the ocean to our youngest learners, from toddlers to elementary school students. Our curated ocean-themed resources are designed to engage, educate, and inspire the next generation of marine enthusiasts.

Careers in Marine Mammal Science

Are you a young explorer with a fascination for marine mammals? The ocean world is brimming with possibilities for you! Whether your interests lean toward biology, veterinary science, or environmental conservation, there’s an exciting journey ahead in the realm of marine mammals. Discover the myriad of ways you can start your adventure and become a protector of these incredible creatures. It all begins with your curiosity and passion for ocean conservation. 

Mini Ocean Ambassadors YouTube Channel

Explore a world of marine wonder on the Mini Ocean Ambassadors Youtube Channel. This vibrant platform is dedicated to our young ocean enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of ocean-themed learning resources and engaging content. Delve into captivating videos and educational materials specially designed for children, from toddlers to elementary school students. 

As your little ones embark on their journey of marine discovery, we invite you to be part of this exciting adventure! Share your creations with us on Instagram @nmmfoundation or by using #nmmf-art. We’d love to celebrate their artistic expressions and the boundless curiosity of our Mini Ocean Ambassadors

Follow us on YouTube and as we inspire the next generation of ocean lovers!

Ocean Stories

Join us for #OceanStories, a special ocean-themed storytime for young children. Our marine mammal scientists, veterinarians, animal care experts, and educators share captivating tales to inspire the next generation of ocean ambassadors. It’s an entertaining and educational way to explore the world of marine mammals and the oceans they inhabit.

If you’d like to join our mission and contribute an ocean-themed story reading, please get in touch with us! Young learners are encouraged to share their favorite marine mammal science stories as well. Together, let’s nurture a love for our oceans for our Mini Ocean Ambassadors!

Learning Resources

Explore our collection of FREE Mini Ocean Ambassador downloadable learning resources! These resources include captivating worksheets and delightful coloring pages directly sourced from our Educational Workshops. Gain insights into each unique session by visiting our Educational Workshop page.