Inspiring young minds through marine mammal science.

Students’ innate love of dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals, coupled with the fascinating research of NMMF scientists, creates a wonderful environment for learning about marine mammal science, medicine, and ocean conservation. Our community outreach programs highlight NMMF discoveries about marine mammals to promote creative thinking and inspire a greater commitment to the conservation of marine mammals and their habitats. 

Amplifying impact through collaborations.

In order to maximize impact, we partner with like-minded organizations and institutions, allowing our outreach programs to reach a broad audience – from elementary to college students, teachers, professors, and academic leaders. The commitment to community outreach among NMMF professionals is strong; 90% of our programming includes staff volunteers. Learn more about our outreach partnerships.


How to Get Involved

If your group is interested in having someone from the NMMF Outreach Team host a workshop or participate in a public event, please contact us at

Education and Outreach Team

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