As the Executive Director for the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF), Smith is charged with furthering the nonprofit's organizational mission to improve and protect marine mammals, humans, and the oceans by integrating exceptional medical care with innovative science, humanitarian service, and public education.

Smith’s responsibilities include: striving to achieve the NMMF’s research, conservation, and educational goals; creating an organizational culture that fosters an environment of excellence; developing strategic and visionary plans; serving as the primary representative of the organization, from the scientific community to the general public; and overseeing daily operations and ensuring that they are managed thoughtfully, effectively, and ethically. Smith also serves as Chief Medical Officer for the NMMF, overseeing a robust team of clinicians, specialists, and medical researchers. This highly specialized team provides expertise for numerous programs and projects in the areas of medicine, research, and conservation.

Smith continues to lead multiple clinical research projects focused on marine mammal health and welfare. She has served as a technical and scientific consultant for numerous government agencies involving multiple areas of research, including veterinary & human health, basic & applied biology, environmental science, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, neurotoxicology, diagnostic imaging, and advanced medical technology. Smith understands the importance of giving back locally and globally through scientific expertise and high-quality research to improve conservation efforts worldwide.