We, at the National Marine Mammal Foundation, recognize the deep-rooted racial inequalities that persist in our country. We stand in solidarity with communities of color against racial injustice and condemn all forms of racial violence.

We recognize the inequalities within the field of marine mammal science and our own organization, and we commit to taking meaningful action to create and inspire change towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

We do so with an appreciation of the benefits that come with strengthening our diversity, which include broadening our perspectives, enriching our creative culture, and improving both the quality and impact of our work.

We have begun by enhancing our outreach in communities aimed at inspiring a love of nature, fostering the desire to conserve, and building diversity within our profession.

We are working to increase our collaboration with community-based organizations to take a more holistic approach to conservation that benefits both animals and humans, particularly those in at-risk coastal communities.

With compassion and purpose, we resolve to hold steadfast in this commitment as we acknowledge that only sustained action will create change.