Inspiring young minds through marine mammal science.

As part of our commitment to education, the NMMF has developed a series of workshops that focus on important topics in the marine mammal scientific community, such as marine mammal medicine, bioacoustics, and ocean conservation. We provide a variety of hands-on activities and direct interaction with NMMF scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and marine mammal experts to teach students and the public about marine mammals. We bring these workshops to local schools and organizations through classroom visits and online webinars. We also bring NMMF science to public events, such as community fairs, career fairs, and science festivals. In doing so, we hope to inspire future generations to pursue STEM related paths and protect marine mammals around the world.

Learn about our current workshops:

You Can Be a STEM Professional:

Marine Science Career Panel

POP For a Porpoise:

Prevent Ocean Plastics

Marine Mammal Conservation:

Endangered Marine Mammals

Under Pressure:

Marine Mammal Diving Adaptations

Dolphin Doctor:

Marine Mammal Medicine

Animal Helpers:

Marine Mammal Behavior and Training

Voices in the Sea

Marine Mammal Bioacoustics

Community Events

We have developed an informational booth with three activities created to highlight the central themes of NMMF research. The three themes are:

  • Marine Mammal Medicine
  • Under Pressure
  • Voices Beneath the Sea

Depending on the event, available space, and number of volunteers, one or all of these activities could be used. Our aim is to get young students interested in STEM education and careers by learning all about the amazing science we do with marine mammals! We also have a marine mammal trivia game that works well with a large event.

How to Get Involved

If your group is interested in having someone from the NMMF Outreach Team host a workshop or participate in a public event, please contact us at

Class and Group Visits

Marine Mammal Seminar Series

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