Inspiring young minds through marine mammal science.

As part of our commitment to education, the NMMF has developed a series of workshops that focus on important topics in the marine mammal scientific community, such as marine mammal medicine, bioacoustics, and ocean conservation. We provide a variety of hands-on activities and direct interaction with NMMF scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and marine mammal experts to teach students and the public about marine mammals. We bring these workshops to local schools and organizations through classroom visits and online webinars. We also bring NMMF science to public events, such as community fairs, career fairs, and science festivals. In doing so, we hope to inspire future generations to pursue STEM related paths and protect marine mammals around the world.

How to Get Involved

If your group is interested in having someone from the NMMF Outreach Team host a workshop or participate in a public event, please contact us at

"You Can Be a STEM professional" workshop

The NMMF empowers young girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) fields through interactions with STEM professionals. Girls have the opportunity to hear from professionals engaged in a wide variety of fields and participate in hands-on STEM demonstrations. Scientists, veterinarians, engineers, trainers, conservationists, and more, discuss their unique career paths and their passions. They encourage girls to pursue an academic path towards STEM careers and show families how to support their daughters along the way. Parents, guardians, and families are all welcome and encouraged to attend.

Workshop Resources

  • You Can Be a STEM Professional Worksheet

Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution Workshop

Students participate in a variety of activities, including conservation-based educational games and hands-on working stations. Students have the opportunity to meet and talk with STEM professionals from the NMMF, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and I Love A Clean San Diego who focus on ocean conservation and the prevention of plastic pollution. We aim to have all students complete the Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution (POP3) program with the knowledge and drive to make our earth a cleaner and healthier place for humans and animals alike. We hope that all participants will become energized to educate and inspire others.

Workshop Resources

  • Matching Activity
  • Plastic Usage Diary
  • Taste Test Activity
  • Bury Your Trash Experiment

Dolphins and Oil Spills Workshop

Students learn from CARMMHA (Consortium for Advanced Research on Marine Mammal Health Assessment) scientists and veterinarians about the extraordinary steps being taken to assess, conserve, and protect wild dolphin populations affected by oil exposure in the Gulf of Mexico. Participants have the opportunity to engage in a wild dolphin mock health assessment, as they are guided through the step-by-step process following protocols utilized by veterinarians and scientists in the field. The workshop aims to spark interest in marine mammal conservation and medicine, instill a sense of care for our environment and the lives dependent upon it, and provide a general understanding of human impact on marine and coastal ecosystems.

Workshop Resources

Marine Mammal Conservation Workshop

Students learn about basic marine mammal biology and ecology through current NMMF marine mammal conservation and research efforts. With a focus on hands-on learning, participants engage in demonstrations and activities that teach about the current challenges faced by threatened and endangered marine mammal species across the globe, such as the critically endangered vaquita porpoise. Concepts of extinction, human impact, and the science and technology behind monitoring threatened populations are explored. Most importantly, this program provides opportunities for young people in our community to engage with real STEM professionals in marine mammal science and teaches them what THEY can do to help protect wild marine mammal populations.

Workshop Resources

  • Vaquita and Dolphin Comparison Activity
  • Vaquita Coloring Book
  • Marine Mammal Conservation Certificate

Animal Helpers Workshop

The NMMF has partnered with the Girl Scouts of San Diego to teach girls about how animals help people and people help animals, with a special focus on marine mammals. Animal care experts, veterinarians, trainers, and scientists touch on marine mammal care, behavior, and basic methods for animal training. Participants engage with professionals to explore the human-animal connection, find out how animals help keep people safe, learn how animals help people emotionally, understand how animals help people with disabilities, and talk about the importance of providing animal helpers with the best possible care.

Workshop Resources

  • Animal Helpers Fun Facts
  • Animal Behaviorist Activity
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