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2 thoughts on “Share your Favorite Ridgway Memory”

  1. I had the privilege of knowing Sam when we worked at the Navy Point Loma facility by the tidelands. He had his medical practice there and attended the seals sea lions and bottlenose dolphins for the Navy programs. What a kind and caring man he was always in a very good humor, and absolutely brilliant in his field. He brought scientists from around the world who spoke at the Swine meetings, which he invited scholars and those interested in scholars. It actually stood for scholars wine imbibing nocturnal enclave in which supposedly cheap wine and bologna was served. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. It was an honor to have known him.

  2. I am so sad to just now learn of Dr. Ridgway’s passing.

    In 1990/1991, Dr. Ridgway photocopied and compiled volumes of information, sending many packets via US mail to me in Evansville, Indiana as I wrote an undergraduate thesis on marine mammal communications. Every question I had was answered and questions I had never thought of were offered. It was as close to the ocean as I could get and remain in Indiana for college, but I fulfilled a dream of studying dolphins in college. Although we never met, his kindness and generosity were never forgotten. I taught science for many years and am just now finishing a PhD while working on establishing an ocean-based science research station on the island where my kids and I spent every summer, and I still spend time now. It is a special place where I often swim alongside wild bottle nose dolphins.
    Thank you for continuing his legacy and you can add, “undergraduate mentor” to his list of valuable mentorships. I might have been the only one.
    Cinde, from Indiana

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