Todd Speakman

NMMF - Todd Speakman

Todd Speakman, B.S., is a biologist with the Conservation Medicine program.

Prior to coming to the NMMF, he worked for NOAA’s National Ocean Service in Charleston for 15 years. He has participated in over 25 field crews to assess cetacean health and populations, including collecting photos and remote biopsies during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill NRDA. Mr. Speakman has been conducting photo identification surveys and data analysis for the past 20 years and leads the NMMF’s contributions to finFindR—an open source platform for automatically matching dorsal fin photographs to cataloged dolphins. He continues to curate dorsal fin catalogs from multiple sites in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast to support investigations of bottlenose dolphin health, population parameters, movement and association patterns, and life-history.