Rothe started her professional career with marine mammals at the Minnesota Zoological Garden caring for dolphins and belugas, which prepared her for a marine mammal training position in San Diego working with the Navy Marine Mammal Program.

During her tenure with the Navy, Rothe cared for and trained sea lions, dolphins, and belugas in an open ocean setting, while supporting cutting-edge research projects with sophisticated training techniques. She developed unique expertise in dolphin and sea lion neonatal care, voluntary medical behaviors, safe animal transport techniques, and open ocean tasking with human-animal teams.

Rothe joined the National Marine Mammal Foundation leadership team in 2010, bringing an impressive 30 years of animal care and training experience. As a NMMF animal care and training supervisor, Rothe continues to support the Navy, utilizing her diverse set of experiences to mentor and train the next generation of animal care experts. She is currently focused on improving techniques in pinniped husbandry and open ocean training, and developing creative training approaches to research questions. Rothe graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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