2010, Allen joined the National Marine Mammal Foundation's leadership as a marine mammal care and training supervisor, with a special focus on dolphin maternal and neonatal care.

Her unique skill set was honed caring for dolphin dams, calves, and neonates in the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program for over a decade. She was charged with developing novel, non-invasive techniques to administer high-quality care in close collaboration with the veterinary team. During her tenure, the Navy’s maternal and neonatal care units improved its high survival rates and calf recruitment, based in large part on innovative approaches to calf nutrition, first-time dam management, and calf handling techniques.

Allen continues to support the Navy in her NMMF leadership role, mentoring animal care staff while pioneering new methods for cetacean care during pregnancy and enhancing safe handling techniques for neonates and calves. Her expertise is valued throughout the marine mammal community. In 2006, she was chosen to make a presentation for the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association annual conference about her work with neonates. Allen’s career with animals has spanned over 25 years. Early in her career she worked with animals in the television and film industry and gained expertise in the rescue and care of stranded marine mammals in the U.S.

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